Sunday, November 19, 2017

7984 Reasons to Sell Your House Over the Holidays

Holiday Season is a Great Time to Sell!
The holiday season is such a hectic time for people. Getting together with family and friends, traveling, shopping, decorating, company parties, charity events... So why would a home-seller keep their house on the market and even more, why would anyone list their house for sale during this busy time? A lot of real estate agents (who don't work over the holidays) will tell you that no one buys houses over the holidays anyway and you'll get more money if you wait until Spring like everyone else does, right?

Well actually, there are 7984 reasons why! That is the number of single-family and condominium home sellers in Middlesex County who accepted offers on their houses last year between November 15 and January 15. That includes 22 in Sudbury, 12 in Wayland, 17 in Concord, and 18 in Maynard. In Weston, there were 16, 22 in Hudson, and in Acton there were 30!

Sale prices for the properties that accepted offers during the holidays ranged from $108,000 for a condominium in Acton to $5,500,000 for a luxury estate in Weston; and all prices ranges in between. 

So why do houses sell over the holidays? Because:
  • Buyers have time to look; unused vacation days; companies give their employees extra time for shopping.
  • Holiday/year-end bonuses.
  • Pay-raises.
  • Motivated buyers who missed out or were out-bid in the Spring, Summer and Fall markets.
  • New jobs - companies hire for the new year. Relocating buyers need to make decisions soon.
  • People get engaged, married, combine households and need more space.
  • Visiting family brings out the nesting instinct.
  • Down-payment holiday gifts - click here to out how your family can give money tax-free.
  • Good deals; buyers are seeing price reductions from sellers who are ready to move.
  • People are in the mood to shop and there's nothing better than buying a house!
As for selling for more money in the Spring, if you are selling your house you are most likely going to buy another place to live. If prices are higher in the Spring, then you will also pay more for your next house. You may sell for less at this time of year but you will also pay less. If your end-goal is to buy another house, then understand that selling is just a step n the process toward buying. You will be ready to act as soon as houses come on the market while other buyers are waiting to sell.

So if your house is currently on the market, hang in there; the inconvenience can be worth it. If you are planning to sell, do it now. You'll be ahead of the competition and be ready to move forward.
If you are ready to buy or sell in Concord, Wayland, Sudbury, or any of the towns west of Boston - call Marilyn at 508-596-3501 or visit to see homes for sale in Massachusetts.
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