Monday, April 24, 2006

At Work Real Estate - Coming To Your Workplace

... Had a great time visiting an IT company in Concord on Friday where my company's mortgage banker and I met with a group of employees interested in home-ownership.

The HR director, also a client, thought it would be a great benefit to have us come by and talk with employees about the home-buying process. So she arranged for us to meet in the conference room on Friday afternoon for about an hour - very informal, we gave a short presentation about the process, what they need to do to get ready, and a few things to be aware of... then we did Q&A and talked for a few minutes. Excellent questions and even though some of them are a year or two away from being ready, it's never too soon to start planning. Time goes by faster than most of us realize!

With the price of gasoline at $3+ per gallon and with everyone working so many hours, people don't have time to make appointments at real estate offices or attend evening seminars, so I've decided to go to them at work. It's an easy, casual, no pressure and it's a great benefit for companies to offer. Companies lose so much productivity when people are trying to buy homes - so many waste so much time looking at pictures on the Internet, leaving early to look at houses that don't look anything like the photos, not to mention the emotional stress!

Are there people at your company who are thinking about home-ownership? Let me know and we can set something up. Companies help their employees invest in 401Ks, etc. Home-ownership is the most important financial and personal investment someone can make - shouldn't companies provide some help?

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