Monday, March 27, 2006

Buyers - Know Your Rights! Get Your Own Agent

Buyers - you have the right to representation! Spring market is here and there are lots of ways to look for a house - the Internet, open houses, signs, newspapers, friends, etc., but no matter how you find the house, keep in mind that 95% of home sales involve a real estate agent, so sooner or later you're going to end up working with one whether you want to or not!

So, why not have your own agent right from the beginning -- one who has a legal and ethical responsibility to represent your interests? An agent who can give you information and advice about your options so you can make informed decisions. One who will keep your personal and financial information confidential, and always work in your best interest?

Most buyers don't realize that when they call listing agents directly to view properties and go from agent to agent, those agents are legally bound to represent the seller, leaving the buyers with no one working on their side. Some buyers actually think if they go directly to the listing agent they'll get a better deal because the agent is getting the whole commission.

Even if the agent is willing to cut their commission, you need to remember that listing agents are legally obligated to do what's best for their client - the seller. So if an agent tells you they'll get you a better deal than a buyer's agent, they are either lying or breaking the law or both! And once this agent has shown you the property, it's too late to get your own agent, you are stuck working with that agent. Is that the person you want to handle the details for one of your life's important decisions?

Don't go it alone - get the help and representation you deserve and are legally entitled to have.

Marilyn Messenger is an Accredited Buyers Representative, William Raveis Real Estate. Visit to search for homes, get daily listing updates, news and information to help save you time, money, and stress.
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