Friday, October 28, 2011

Sudbury Real Estate - Q3 Home Sales Up!

For Sale: Inventory of single family homes on the market in Sudbury is the same as last year; there are 134 with list prices ranging from 150,000 to $3,199,900. However, both median and average list prices are lower than last year. The current median is $788,750; the average is $906,004; last year the median was $850,000; the average was $999,736. Current activity shows there are 17 single family properties with accepted offers and 13 have sales pending.

Luxury Homes: If you are looking for a luxury home west of Boston, Sudbury has lots of excellent values; there are 40 properties listed between $1 million and $3,199,900; 26 of them in $1,000,000 to $1,499,900 range. With the average time on the market at 209 days, many sellers are ready to considers offers seriously. 

Rentals: There are also 13 rental properties available in Sudbury. Rents range from $1500 per month to $7500. Most rental properties require a 12 month lease with a first month, last month, and one month security deposit; and often the tenant is responsible for the leasing agent’s fee as well. In some cases this amount can be as much or more than a down payment on a mortgage and with interest rates still low, buying makes more sense for most people. People should consider long term and short term goals before deciding.

Closed Sales: There were 69 closed sales in Sudbury during the third quarter this year; up from 55 during Q3 in 2010. The median sale price for Q3 2011 was $655,000 a bit lower than last’s year median of $670,000; while the average at $737,660 was a bit higher than the Q3 2010 average of $714,861.
September sales were similar; 15 sales with a median price of $655,000 and an average price of $736,825 compared with 14 sales during September 2010 with a median sale price of $701,000 and an average sale price of $724,071.

Condos/Townhouses: For anyone looking for easy living, there are some excellent condominium/townhouse opportunities in Sudbury. There are 16 units available; most are new construction with prices starting at $499,900.

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