Wednesday, June 26, 2013

May Median Home Sale Prices - Wayland, Sudbury, Maynard, Concord & Stow MA


Contrary to national and Massachusetts housing reports of surging prices in May 2013, median prices for closed sales of single-family homes in Sudbury, and Stow MA were actually lower than they were in May 2012. However, the number of homes sold was higher in Wayland and Stow; in Sudbury there was only one less closed sale.

Concord and Maynard reported substantially higher median prices than in May 2012. The median sale price in Concord was $816,500 up from $649,900 in May 2012. The median sale price in Maynard for May 2013 was $292,500, up from $212,250 which was the lowest in several years.

As in most places, the number of single-family homes for sale in Wayland, Sudbury, Maynard, Stow, and Concord is lower than it was last year and houses that are price correctly are selling very quickly, sometimes within a day or 2 with multiple offers for higher than asking price; while others are selling for asking price, and there are still some that are selling for less than asking.
Buyers need to be prepared to step up and move quickly and having the right* buyer agent/broker on your side can make a big difference for you. (*not all agents who call themselves a buyer agent are trained to represent your interests in the current market. Encouraging buyers to pay over asking and waiving contingencies may not be the best advice in every situation. Work with a broker who knows the ins and outs of the market you are in.)
Even with the hot market, price is still important and we are still seeing price adjustments and homes with expired listing contracts.

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