Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mobile Office - Favorite Apps

As a REALTOR, my clients expect me to be able to provide services from wherever I am to wherever they are. The days of telling people to wait until I get back to “the office” or telling them they need to scan, print or fax documents, are so yesterday. They don’t have scanners, printers or fax machines when they’re at home or on vacation and that’s when real estate happens!

If you run a business then like it or not these electronic devices are becoming your office too.

Here are a few apps that will run and sink multiple devices (smartphone, IPad/tablet, laptop, desktop) and store everything in the Cloud so you can access you files from anywhere. Using them enables me to provide great service while keeping my business organized and productive and I know they will help you with your business too. BTW, they’re free!

1.       Evernote: take notes, record voice notes, keep client files organizes, share documents and PDFs that anyone can open, take photos. You email directly to your files (Evernote calls them notebooks).

2.       Stitch: helps you mark up and edit photos and PDFs – the other day I emailed a PDF to a mortgage underwriter to show her where the town inspector signed off on a permit. The scanned copy that I was sent was not clear and the recipient could not see where he signed. I used stitch to draw a red circle around the signature and we were all set. No printing or scanning…

3.       Docusign Ink: my clients think it’s great to be able to create their signature with their finger or stylus right on the IPad. I can also circulate docs for email signatures. No need for printers or scanners. The documents are clear. The signatures are legal and secure.

4.       IBooks – View a PDF as a presentation.

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