Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Story of 42 Great Lake Drive, Sudbury MA

On a freezing cold day in December 2003, a very smart young couple called to see the house for sale at 42 Great Lake Drive in Sudbury. Back then, it was a four-room cottage with a tiny bath, lots of knotty-pine paneling and a refrigerator on the back porch. They loved the corner lot and the location in Sudbury and had the vision to see what they could do to make this their home. 

Ten years and 3 kids later, they are ready to move on and this beautifully renovated and expanded Colonial is ready for new owners who they hope will be as happy as they have been! 

Click the photo to see what they've done and please share with your friends. Everything has been done; all they need to do is move in! 

Beautiful Colonial with everything you'll want in your new home in Sudbury!

For additional information or to schedule an appointment contact Marilyn Messenger or see all of the homes in Sudbury at
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